The TITAN Group is an international producer of cement and building materials, which, operating responsibly and with integrity, contributes to sustainable development and strives to meet the needs of society. As the owner of cement production plants in 10 countries, the Group has expanded its operations to 15 countries worldwide, directly employing approximately 5,400 people, with an annual production capacity of 27 million tons of cement and related construction materials.


As a world leader in innovative and sustainable construction solutions, Holcim enables greener cities, smarter infrastructure and improves living standards around the world. At the core of the business strategy is sustainability, which enables Holcim to become a company with a net zero carbon footprint, with people and local communities at the center of success.


CEMEX Croatia is the largest Croatian producer of first-class cement and a significant market participant with a strong positive impact on the domestic economy, strongly committed to business based on the principles of sustainable development.


The SWISS KRONO Group, headquartered in Lucerne, Switzerland, is a leading supplier of wood-based materials. This family-owned company has been delivering top-quality products with an exceptional price-to-quality ratio for over 50 years. As experts in wood-based materials, the SWISS KRONO Group understands the needs of its customers and, as a result, meets the demands of specialized retailers, processors, planners, and end-users worldwide.


Drvona Ltd. is a company engaged in the production, wholesale, and retail of interior decor products, wooden products, timber, and custom furniture manufacturing. It originated from the division of the renowned Karlovac-based company, Drvo trgovina Ltd., and as such, it carries a long-standing tradition and experience in trading, distribution, and production within the timber industry.


Wood trading for commercial customers. Advice, planning, and expert support. The largest wholesale timber assortment in Croatia!


A company specializing in the supply and installation of reinforced concrete. By focusing on this important segment in the field of construction and constantly investing in its own resources, Intersteel is recognized as a reliable partner on all important and large projects.

In addition to services and products from its own production, it also offers a complete range of nets and concrete rebar in commercial sizes at 3 locations in HR.


The company Hermes d.o.o. was founded in 1990 and is present on the construction iron market in all counties of the Republic of Croatia and abroad, and can boast of a large number of regular customers.

In 30 years of operation, the Company has established itself with quality service and focus on customer satisfaction, which has been reflected in good business results, stability and an ever-growing market.


Brodometalurgija d.o.o. is a company specialized in trade in technical goods, construction materials, steel and steel products with direct deliveries from warehouses in Zagreb and Split, as well as from the manufacturer’s warehouse.


Rigips produces and sells building materials of dry construction for the houses of the future, develops new innovative concepts to create more comfortable, environmentally friendly living spaces.


Carmeuse started as a small family business in Belgium. Today it is a global materials and services company with core competencies in mining, equipment and engineering solutions. It influences everyday life with its mineral-based products and integrated services.

GIRK (Građevinska Industrija, Rudarstvo, Kamenarstvo) Kalun

GIRK (Construction Industry, Mining, Stone Industry) Kalun d.d. is one of the few companies that deals with basic industry in the area of ​​Dalmatia. It is located in a good location and is very well connected by traffic (central Dalmatia, industrial railway track, county road, close to the highway and 30 km from the sea port.)


Eurovent products are manufactured with the use of the latest technical achievements and the involvement of the best experts in the field of building insulation. Eurovent products are characterized by modern solutions that provide advantages to end users (roofers, investors). We provide advanced service, consulting, solutions and selection of advantages to all users of Eurovent products.

Gutta Hrvatska

Gutta Hrvatska d.o.o. as a member of the Gutta Group, since its foundation in 1998, it has been distributing roofing construction materials, seams for foundation earthworks, plastic panels for construction and crafts, construction vapor-permeable and impermeable foils, grids for grass surfaces, as well as many other products of proven quality. The Gutta program is based on high-quality, ecological and innovative products.


Würth–Hrvatska d.o.o. is part of the international concern Würth with headquarters in Germany and is a leading company in Croatia that sells a wide range of products applicable in a large number of technical activities. The concern, which operates in over 80 countries of the world, has over 400 different companies in its composition, many of which are manufacturing and produce a wide range of products in the field of connection technology, chemical products, electronics, solar technology.