About us

Grupacija Flavia d.o.o. was founded in 2005, as a joint procurement of seven companies (warehouses of construction materials), in the Croatian region of Dalmatia.

Currently, there are 31 member companies of Flavia, making it one of the leading wholesalers of construction materials in the Republic of Croatia with over 45 sales points.

We want to be recognized for our professionalism, ambition, reliability, openness to innovation, we want to be a team that is constantly looking for productive and efficient work methods and to meet the needs of our partners with swift solutions.


Flavia unites construction material stores with a common procurement policy, marketing, training and other services aimed at reducing fixed operating costs.

We provide our members with a very wide range of key suppliers on the Croatian market. By joining forces with our members, we optimize operations and achieve common business interests.


Our vision is to be the most promising and innovative company in the field of procurement in Croatia and the surrounding region. To have a strong, active team that wants to grow and progress. Business should be based on trust, honest work and respect.


A responsible and honest attitude towards all our partners and the creation of a common spirit within the association keeping an utmost professional and flexible attitude, have been our values from the very beginning.