Adhesives for ceramics


RÖFIX material arrives at warehouses and shelves of construction material stores throughout Croatia and Europe from our three production facilities located in Pojatno, Zaprešić and Siverić. In addition to quality and efficiency, the RÖFIX company’s production policy is largely focused on the creation and production of long-term sustainable and environmentally friendly system solutions aligned with the needs and wishes of end customers.


Choosing the right adhesive is the key to achieving an optimal result. The decision always depends on the quality of the substrate, the conditions of its use, but also on the type and size of the lining. And of course – all adhesives for facade and ceramic coverings must meet the parameters of European technical standards


Innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit are inscribed in Henkel’s DNA. We are curious and passionate experts with in-depth knowledge of the market and application. Our unrivaled portfolio of adhesives, sealants and functional coatings is designed to reshape the market and the way you work. We are your global partner ready to overcome all challenges and develop smart and sustainable solutions – with you. To make it better.


The company Sika Croatia d.o.o. was founded in 1999. as a daughter company of the Swiss concern Sika, although Sika products have been present in these areas since the middle of the 20th century. With its results, behavior and attitude towards its partners, Sika has built an exceptional reputation as a very reliable partner with a wide range of solutions used in different areas.


This is one of Mapei’s first product lines, and it offers a complete range of versatile, reliable and innovative products for laying ceramic tiles and stone materials. Our extensive experience and the quality of our products guarantee that we will always be a reliable partner that can meet all the demands of this ever-growing market.


A wide range of top-quality materials for laying and grouting natural stone, tiles and slabs of fine stone, ceramics or cotta in interiors and exteriors guarantees success. With us, you will find top-quality products for preparation, sealing, gluing, grouting, as well as sealants and silicones. The Uniplatte board, specially designed as a supporting element, enables creative applications. Finishing moldings for tiles and Murexin profiles round off our wide range.